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Show Schedule

Jam Session at What the Dickens

First Tuesday Night of the month

Is Jam Session Night down in Whara Dickens in Yebisu...

The Place : www.whatthedickens.jp
The Time : Nine of the clock
The Style : Ragga Rockin Rap!
Don't be SHY, Be FLY!

Playing Rock, Funk, Soul, Reggae... KINLAY Band hosts monthly Jam Session for musicians and vocalists at What The Dickens in Ebisu on the first Tuesday every month...

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Kinlay Band

The Tracks     
Kinlay Club Review!!
Album Released Triple *R*!!
New Album Triple *R*

With a cutie on bass & a heavyweight drummer, the band evolved from the Tokyo jam sessions around Tokyo Shibuya & Roppongi. They caught the ear of top Japanese Producer Stilly Still aka Jā˜…STILLTON (Joint One) who brought Osaka J-Host band "ACQUA" to he top of the Japan album & single charts back in 2006. The first collaboration "Whose the Clown?" came out July 2008 on 1000 copies limited pressing. They have been an integral part of the local band scene in Tokyo since 2004 - They also supported Australian Bands Hoodoo Gurus and Regurgitator on their 2009 Japan Tours.

The Tracks
Japan Japan, Big Chance, Bok No Jinsei, Revelation, That Girl, Does She Come?, If it were only me, Anmoku no Ryokai

All Songs Written by A.MacKinlay (C) 2010
Except 02 and 08 additional lyrics by H.Murakami.
All Mixing, Mastering and Production by Stilly Still aka D-Stilla (Joint one)
Performed by KINLAY Band
Hiroki Murakami (Drums)
Yukako Ishii (Bass Guitar)
Seiji Fukuda (Keyboards & Backing Vocals)
Andy MacKinlay (Guitar & Lead Vocals)

Huge thanks the following additional players :
Pinky Piglets:
  Mikko, SeiXXXo & Asuja (01, 02, 06 & 08) <B.Vo>
Miki (02 & 04) <B.Vo >
Andy Matsukami (04, 06 & 08) <B.Vo & Percussion>
Kazutora Kiyomatsu (02, 03 & 06) <Percussion>

Metropolis Review

"Anyone who's seen Kinlay, a.k.a. Manchester native Andy MacKinlay, at one of his many gigs around town knows the man can jam covers with the best of'em.

So what's his original material like? Whose The Clown? turns out to be a tight collection of funk-rock spiced with reggae, rap and ballads and liberally juiced with wry reflections on expat life.

Andy's been around the block and sings songs that are often filled with sadness ("You've been running, running far too long" or "Made a whore of all I held sacred" are typical lines), but he's not cynical, and always ready to get back up for another round. He also knows how to lighten the mood with a bit of comic relief, as on the Japanese rap "Phatt Jam," about being unable to learn Japanese as a poor English teacher? rather amusing, really."

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